T.C. Trotter's Restaurant & Bar may have closed its doors, but the Bloody Mary Mix lives on!

Moose Mix for Bloody Marys may be locally-made, but it’s recognized across the country.  Over the past 30 years Moose Mix had been sold exclusively through one of Lynchburg, Virginia’s fine, upscale eateries.  That was until 2004 when Moose Mix was first bottled and sold through a local gourmet grocer/delicatessen.  Since then the demand has been as far reaching as New York, Florida, and California; Moose Mix fans fall everywhere in between.

As any fan will tell you, Moose Mix has a distinct and recognizable taste; sufficiently spicy, but not overwhelming.  Its hearty blend NEVER waters down, whether you drink your bloody mary in two big swigs or sip it over an hour.  The mix stands on its own with a taste that does not wilt once vodka is added, making it ideally consistent for those who prefer a virgin mary.

"Moose Mix is not new but old,
the taste is still spicy and bold.
The same mix you had in Lynchburg, VA,
at T.C. Trotter's back in the day.
So please enjoy some again,
either in store or online.
And let me know what you think
of this Moose Mix of mine."